Vinka is a smart mobility start-up with focus on fleet automation.  Vinka’s unfair advantage is the knowhow and experience in automatic ride sharing and route optimisation. Vinka's mission is to take fleet automation to the next level with autonomous vehicles and Sohjoa gives us a valuable opportunity to take the first steps towards the future of mobility.

Peitsa Turvanen, CEO

peitsa.turvanen (ät)

Tuup is a Finnish new mobility startup. We develop a multi modal solution to make every day mobility easier and encourage less use of own car. At the same time we create new business models to fill the gaps in present mobility service offering. Tuup team has significant exprerience in planning, modelling, analyzing and operating in various fields of mobility services.

We are excited to be part of Sohjoa-project, which represents the future of transport as we see it.

Pekka Möttö, CEO

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Geotrim Oy is a leading location based reseller company in Finland producing complete solutions for surveying, engineering, infrastructure, construction, GIS and agriculture. Geotrim offers versatile and integrated geospatial solutions based on GNSS positioning

Geotrim is an importer and an authorized reseller of the products of Trimble, a technology leader of the industry. Best known for GPS technology, Trimble integrates a wide range of positioning technologies including GPS, laser, op­tical and inertial technologies with application software, wireless communications, and services to provide complete commercial solutions.  Geotrim offers complete solutions and services for different fields of operation, both the public and private corporate sector. It is responsible for Trimble’s authorized mainte­nance service, technical support and training. The services of Geotrim include Trimnet VRS as well as other versatile and flexible services from equipment rentals to consulting that can be tailored for the enterprise.

Founded in 2001, Geotrim is the market leader of the indus­try in Finland. The main objective of the company is to help its customers to succeed and improve their manufacturing efficiency by offering Trimble’s integrated solutions which allow customers to collect, manage and analyze complex information faster and easier, making them more produc­tive, efficient and profitable. A profound knowledge of the customers and local special requirements is the basis of Geotrim.

Success and knowledge are based on many years of expe­rience, the regular Trimble training of the staff and on the commitment to be the best of the industry in Finland. Of all the application providers Geotrim has to offer the most individual resources for support, training and maintenance.

Taipale Telematics Oy is a fleet management information provider offering a wide setup of tools to commercial fleets, including bus, truck, delivery taxi and off-road machine operators. Our speciality is Driving Behavior Analysis based on statistic analysis, based on millions of hours and kilometres on different kind of vehicles. Our analysis is based on data fusion from three important sources; 3D acceleration (G-forces), satellite positioning (both GPS and Glonass) and vehicle CAN data.

“SOHJOA project provides SME companies an opportunity to test and launch their projects in a tempting environment, which interests media and markets. The possibility to develop products in an autonomic vehicle that operates in real environment gives companies a great advantage.

E.g. Taipale Telematics will introduce their ”Inspector”, a test dummy that carries equipment to monitor and analyze the quality of driving from the passenger’s perspective.”, says Heikki Karintaus CEO Taipale Telematics and the chairman of ITS Factory ppp network.

LeViteZer is passionate about pushing the technological limits to provide solutions for film industry, virtual reality and people flow. LeViteZer provides consultancy, camera stabilisation systems and well integrated cutting edge sensor solutions. LeViteZer seeks partners on data analysis.

Advanced sensor technologies are coming affordable making it possible to use them on completely new application areas. SOHJOA project provides excellent possibility for LeViteZer to test people flow sensors. 

The obstacles on the road to fully autonomous vehicles on public traffic are not only technological. I am happy to see how SOHJOA project rise the public awareness of such systems on a very positive way and it is great to be part of that.

Kim Janson

CEO, founder

LeViteZer Oy

Citynomadi Ltd operates with maps, apps, open and sensor data, interaction and gaming. We provide a full lifecycle of the location based information. Our business partner is able to create and maintain a map entity with customised content, interface for the data sets needed and interactive operations. We provide the tools to publish the map content flexibly, on Nomadi and white label apps, web sites and info screens.   

Nomadi is a handy and scalable map app with a lot of features and is available on

In Sohjoa project the inhabitants and prospect commuters of the automated bus will get a real time information of the approach of the bus compared to their presents location. There are a number of use cases and visions for this feature within guiding the travellers and ensuring that the travel experience is smooth, seamless and safe.    

More info: 

Merja Taipaleenmäki 
CEO, founder

FLOU is an agile urban research and consulting firm, with focus on companies and organizations that operate in or around the fields of transportation and mobility. FLOU delivers mobility strategies and market insight for both policy-makers and transport service providers. FLOU-developed market segmentation tools identify user groups with different preferences, to address users' needs and preferences. Our tools are also applicable to MaaS-related modeling and assessments. We do impact analysis utilizing both traditional and novel methodologies enabling for example policy package development and evaluation. 

We see autonomous vehicles as an evident part of our transport systems in the future. Experimenting the technologies is part of the evolution and will help integrating the technologies to existing systems sooner than later. In SOHJOA we are bringing our understanding of users' needs together with the data of current/future qualities of autonomous vehicles. The goal is to identify the role of autonomous vehicles as a future mode in our transport systems.

Taina Haapamäki
Managing Director

Vionice is demonstrating how infrastructure and traffic condition monitoring may be executed aboard public transportation. The technology of automated vehicles are mostly focused on the vehicle's needs. Vionice´s solution is focusing on how to ensure the 24/7 situational awareness from the whole street network with low cost automation. Our solution is unique and helps cities to improve their infrastructure data management. For us being on board of automated bus is a perfect show case and it emphasizes the changes that are already happening - many inventories or data collection processes are going to be automated in a very near future. 


One of our main aims is to inform cities about the need to develop the traffic sign change management processes. The automated traffic is even more dependent than human drivers on navigation and digital map information. Our solution is currently the only one that provides sign detection to online interface from mobile phone cameras. During this trial phase we hope to get attention and interest to our technology among smart cities.



- Markus